Rodan + Fields Redefine – Marcy Lowe Rodan + Fields Consultant

Marcy Lowe Rodan + Fields Consultant

Rodan + Fields Redefine


 Join Mary Radford, R.N. as she walks through the steps of using REDEFINE Regimen, AMP MD™ and ACUTE CARE™ to fully unlock “the power of 3.” This ultimate age-defying Multi-Med® Therapy collection combines potent ingredients and innovative technologies that work together to deliver amplified, more comprehensive results.

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IN 6 1/2 years I see pictures like this ALL THE TIME!! But you know what I have NEVER SEEN BEFORE???? SAVINGS LIKE THIS!!! SERIOUSLY….more than 50% OFF our REDEFINE ARSENAL!!! So for the NEXT 3 DAYS get your order in for this TRIFECTA…and I’ll throw in a FREE EYE[…]

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